Getting away from the crowds!

If you live in Southern California or other places where the population is pretty dense, it can sometimes be hard to go out and enjoy the “cool” places because they are crowded. Especially since the worldwide pandemic, these outdoor places are getting even more attention because there really isn’t much else to do! Some peopleContinue reading “Getting away from the crowds!”

Being a Single [Adventure] Mom

I think most moms can agree on one thing: Being a mom is HARD. No matter your situation. And if you’re a mom who thinks being a mom is easy, well… you probably have a better heart than me. 😜 We know this is hard, but we also know how very rewarding it is too.Continue reading “Being a Single [Adventure] Mom”

Tips for First-Time-Parent Hikers!

If you’re thinking about taking your little one on some outdoor adventure, but don’t know where to start, here’s my main piece of advice: start small. Hiking is a really good activity to try with your little one, especially if you have any short, easy hikes nearby to test it out for the first time.Continue reading “Tips for First-Time-Parent Hikers!”

Let me introduce myself.

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my small space of the internet. I figured that perhaps I should start with introducing myself and giving a little background info. I grew up in a fairly small suburb city in Southern California (that has since grown immensely). In my early years, I had a general idea of whatContinue reading “Let me introduce myself.”