“just because they
still live in your mind
tucked behind memories
and places they made room in
does not mean you haven’t moved on

it just means they stayed long enough
to carve initials under parts you can’t see
you are allowed to mourn their absence
without wishing for their return”

I truly wish I could give credit to this author. I tried searching for them, but unfortunately could not find them. If anyone who may stumble across this blog may know who this is, please let me know and I’ll update!

This post may not be exactly “adventure mom” related, but I’m feeling a need to jot down some of my feelings. I’ve really been struggling these past couple months. Well, to be honest, the last few years. But I think I’ve been avoiding actually FEELING my feelings because it’s scary so I take to the outdoors to run away from them, keep them at bay. This pandemic has really forced me to sit and deal. It has been uncomfortable, emotional, and incredibly difficult.

Divorce is hard. I truly feel for anyone who has had to go through it, no matter how easy or difficult the situation is. It’s never fun, even the simplest of divorces. For me, it has been FAR from easy, but there has been a lot of progress made this year and for that I’m thankful. I’ve come a long way! I’m at a point where I am excited to find a future partner to share in life’s adventures.

It’s interesting though because when you think you’re actually over someone, memories come flooding back and they try to confuse you. You feel like you’re regressing and that familiar aching resurfaces leaving you all sorts of confused. And right in the thick of all that, I came across that poem and it made so much sense! Yes, I can love those memories we made and miss them, but at the same time not wish that person would come back. It really brought me some peace and I hope you can find peace in it as well.


3 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Zane frederick is the author.
    I saw your Instagram post today accidentally and then visited your blog page. How do you do it? I have a year old and I think I take him out for morning walks and I’m doing enough. After seeing your insta posts I feel so ashamed of myself. I love hiking and I stopped completely after I got pregnant. I think how can I take a year old out for hiking,it is not possible for me. But after seeing your insta posts I am going to give it a try. Iam going to give my son an experience of growing up adventuring and exploring. You are an inspiration. Thank you so much.


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