Being a Single [Adventure] Mom

I think most moms can agree on one thing: Being a mom is HARD. No matter your situation. And if you’re a mom who thinks being a mom is easy, well… you probably have a better heart than me. 😜 We know this is hard, but we also know how very rewarding it is too. It’s something we try so hard to explain, but you can never truly know until you experience it for yourself.

Shout out to dads too! ❤

Let me also say that being a single mom has some unique challenges. Maybe it’s not more difficult than being a married mom, but it is different for sure. Most of my friends who have kids are married and the rest of my unmarried friends don’t have kids. I’m in this weird place with no one to really relate to the things that I go through. And that’s okay! I’m hopeful that through my blog and other social media, I can find people to relate to or help other people in similar situations.

P’s dad really instilled a sense of adventure I didn’t know existed within me and to that I will forever be grateful. Because of this, I am able to pass along this attitude down to P who already thoroughly loves the outdoors.

I’ve said in previous posts that it is important to my mental health to be able to get out and continue to do these things I love, but I can’t always convince myself to put in the effort. After a week of working full time and being a mom the rest of the time, sometimes I get too tired physically, mentally, and emotionally to want to put in the effort it takes to take a toddler outdoors – Especially since I’m not part of a relationship where I can count on someone to help with the hard parts like carrying P, soothing him when he’s upset, making sure everything is packed and ready to go, and so much more. So even though it’s rewarding to put in this effort, it takes a lot of internal convincing to get out there.

It’s okay to take those days off to have lazier days with your toddler (I mean, are there even lazy days at all!? 😂). But if you’re anything like me, it’s worth the exhausting days and nights getting outside and exploring the world. It’s kind of like working out – You dread the workout itself, but once you’re done, your body is flooded with endorphins and you just feel so good!

Plus, it always helps to have friends who are super helpful and understanding!


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