Mom Adventuring

I’m not like a regular mom. I’m an adventure mom.

  • Getting away from the crowds!
    If you live in Southern California or other places where the population is pretty dense, it can sometimes be hard to go out and enjoy the “cool” places because they are crowded. Especially since the worldwide pandemic, these outdoor places are getting even more attention because there really isn’t much else to do! Some peopleContinue reading “Getting away from the crowds!”
  • Healing
    “just because theystill live in your mindtucked behind memoriesand places they made room indoes not mean you haven’t moved on it just means they stayed long enoughto carve initials under parts you can’t seeyou are allowed to mourn their absencewithout wishing for their return”-Anonymous I truly wish I could give credit to this author. IContinue reading “Healing”
  • Being a Single [Adventure] Mom
    I think most moms can agree on one thing: Being a mom is HARD. No matter your situation. And if you’re a mom who thinks being a mom is easy, well… you probably have a better heart than me. 😜 We know this is hard, but we also know how very rewarding it is too.Continue reading “Being a Single [Adventure] Mom”

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir